Book Marketing in Five

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it enables you to get top notch help and advice from people all over the world. Eunice Nisbett is the Book Marketing Strategist and Author's Coach at who supports authors globally from the Caribbean. 

Authors seeking to increase their online presence can take advantage of Nisbett's extensive work background through her online book marketing program. Eunice partners with authors to provide them with the administrative and online book marketing support, including virtual book tours. This service allows writers to use their time to focus on their writing. Additionally, Eunice offers a coaching program for authors called Create Your BestSeller on a Shoe$tring.

 Eunice hosts a number of virtual events including webinars, podcasts, and an Internet radio show called Book Marketing in Five at
Her radio show features bestselling authors and book marketing industry experts who share their best seller gems on how to market and promote their books, and create best sellers. Eunice also shares book marketing strategies and tips on her blog and through her newsletter, Best Seller Gems.


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