Review of The Ghost of Dibble Hollow

The story takes place during a family trip to Dibble Hollow, a setting where young Miles Dibble had mysteriously disappeared many years ago. Pug Dibble, still a boy himself, engages on a spooky adventure to find out what really happened to his long, lost cousin.

Oftentimes, books that I read many times as a child and then re-read as an adult, don't hold their value. I found The Ghost of Dibble Hollow to be just as delightful and adventurous as it was so many years ago. What was so intriguing? I suppose it was the combination of an interesting ghost, a secret hide-out and a wild treasure hunt.

I was so pleasantly surprised by how well The Ghost of Dibble Hollow held up, I'm now interested in reading other books penned by May Nickerson Wallace

I would highly recommend The Ghost of Dibble Hollow to young and old readers alike. It's the perfect the book to read while sitting around a campfire with family and friends. I rated The Ghost of Dibble Hollow four stars on Goodreads


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