Video Shoot for Quirky Polygamist Campaign

Video Director Garry Morris with Adele Park

It seems everyone is on Facebook these days, so I decided that might be a good place to advertise the Quirky Audio Book Series.  Never one to do things the normal way, I came up with a Quirky Polygamist video campaign.

Jim Park, Garry Morris, Ned and Mary Cordrey, and Michael Park

A team of 11 people came together for one crazy day of filming.  Thanks to Garry's excellent connections, we were able to get Ned Cordrey and his wife, Mary, to do the filming.  Ned is very accomplished in his field, so I was thrilled to have him work on this project.

Treyson and Tori Park, Steve Campbell, Kristin Hunt and Jess Henrie

Not only did I somehow manage to land a top notch Crew, but our Cast was fantastic as well! This group worked together like a well oiled machine, rolling out one wacky scene after another.

We'll be running a new ad every three weeks on Facebook.  You're invited to keep up with all the adventures of the Quirky Polygamist

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