Book Review of Revival by Stephen King

If you're looking for a good scare, Revival by Stephen King isn't the place to find it. However, King is still the master at character development, and Revival most certainly delivers in this area. To be honest, it's not really fair to expect King to keep readers up at night with every single book he hammers out. My guess is that when it came to Revival, King's aim was to write something unsettling without all the terror that usually permeates his books.

Revival is about a character named Jamie Morton who develops a friendship with Charles Jacobs, a preacher and new-age healer. Jacobs not only preaches about the miracles performed by Jesus, he pulls off a few himself using a strange form of electricity. The story begins when Jamie is just an impressionable young boy and continues into his adulthood when he looks to Jacobs to help him kick a heroin addiction.

The story goes on to reveal how Jacobs healed numerous other people, mostly in a carnival setting. As payment for helping him recover from his heroin habit, Jamie helps his former preacher get new believers to undergo controversial healing methods. While the treatments are successful, many of the patients suffer terrible side effects.

Jamie moves on after repaying his debt to Reverend Jacobs, but is still bothered by the way some people are affected by this healing method. Jamie decides to confront Jacobs, only to lured into another healing session with a girlfriend from his youth. I won't spoil the end other than to say it does have a dramatic conclusion.

Revival may not have been my favorite book by Stephen King, but I did like it. As always, King is King when it comes to spinning a good yarn

I am awarding Revival three out of five stars on Goodreads


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