Author Interview with Janet Coursey

I recently had the opportunity to do a Q & A with Janet Coursey, author of The Secrets of Time available now on

It's always great to find out a little more about how creative people think and work.  Here now are some thoughts from Janet.  

Question:  In The Secrets of Time, Sara, the main character, eventually comes across some letters hidden in a Grandfather clock.  Please explain how the letters tie in with some of the social issues of our time:

Janet:  We live in a time where we point fingers, where we close people out, where we assume. I wanted to show that we need to stop that way of thinking,  that we could at any given moment fall from grace our self and need acceptance from the people we love. But as my story demonstrates, it takes courage to fall and then share our faults. Many falls will remain secret, which might be best. But with an open heart and dialog we can in fact come closer to each other. 

Question:  The end of the book sets up the action for a sequel.  Were you planning to write a series or did you realize at the end of the book there were emerging story lines?

Janet:  I have written the sequel, The Secrets of Time, Treasures of the Heart. This book will dig into the lives of several persons in the first book. It will reveal that in the first book, these people who had fallen, had done so to save the lives of the ones they loved, and in one case, someone that just needed to be saved. The saving of one souls life will cost many lives, and that will be the beginning of Book Three.   

Question:  How do you market The Secrets of Time?

Janet:  I was very lucky to be working for a fantastic company that helped me pay for getting my book published. I also met a fine gentleman named James Kelly, who had a radio show called the Aspects of Writing. James helped me find an editor, and publishing company. He got my book into Barnes and Nobles, and created the kindle version for Amazon. I owe everything to James, without him my books would just be stories on my laptop, where only I would know my characters and how much love there is in this old world to share.


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