Cyber Brats Spreading Online Safety

     Writer and puppeteer Ken Harris from Springfield, MA is blending his passion for puppetry and cyber security awareness to empower seniors, family members, and their caretakers with the tools and resources to combat fraud. 
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, research from AARP and the Federal Trade Commission has shown that scammers are targeting seniors with great intensity. In 2019, the median loss for an individual senior was $350. That same year, 16 million Americans were swindled out of 17 billion dollars in identity theft alone. These numbers are expected to rise if we don’t take precautions. 
     This is why Ken’s Shadow World blog at
is dedicated to scattering the seeds of knowledge with his ranting puppets in a fictional radio station. This YouTube web series consist of puppets describing the latest scams and depicting how they work. But there is a catch to this segment of Shadow World Radio Station. The host and cohost of “Cyber Brats” do not get along well. To understand why, you must be aware of their 
Cyber Sly. (SWRS Host) 

     Cyber Sly is a former cyber attacker who served time in prison for fraud and extortion. He completed his sentence and left prison a better man with a new outlook on life. Conditions of 
his parole requires him to get a job. The slot and idea for Cyber Brats at SWRS came in the nick of time and this gives him an opportunity to make a difference. The poor guy needs to give up cigarettes! It’s running his voice. 
Alex Midas (Cohost) 

     Introducing Alex Midas, cohost of SWRS. Alex is the former owner of Midas Ice Cream Corporation. His business fell apart after a cyber attacker breached his company’s unsecured operating system and stole customer’s financial information. It left Alex a bitter man. His much younger gold digging wife dumped him and their own daughter wants nothing to do with this 
frowning man. Alex dislikes cyber attackers with a heated passion and he does not trust Cyber Sly. 
Brenda Basics. (SWRS owner/operator) 

     Brenda Basics is the hyper fast talking owner/operator of SWRS. She is always paranoid and in a hurry to complete tasks. She prefers not to be in the building when Cyber Sly and Alex Midas are on the air. She does not like to be in the middle of a vile conformation. After all, Alex’s ranting is good for morning ratings. So, she let it be. 
Scammer Jester Jensen. (Wanted by FBI) 

     The most notorious scammer of his generation. True identity unknown. All area identity thefts, investment fraud, and common scams ties this criminal. He is on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. Jensen likes to call and mock his victims. There is a $50,000 reward for information leading to the capture of this elusive clown. Learn more about Jester at
     Ken’s puppet videos are accessible on YouTube at
     Check it out and subscribe there as well. It is hope to spread his continuous training and updates around the world to keep you well informed and safe from scams. A good sample of Cyber Sly and Alex Midas debates can be found at 
As an experienced theatre actor who worked in the field of policing, corrections, and the courts, Ken finds it an honor to give back to communities everywhere. Our seniors deserve that most especially. Please sign up for his FREE monthly safety newsletter at 
     As a contributing writer for Springfield’s Point of View Community Newspaper at, Ken’s previous articles covered topics such as malware, phishing, social engineering, and other tactics used by fraudsters to trick victims into sharing sensitive data. He is a Digital Fraud Fighter for AARP (The Americans Association of Retired Person) and a member of Puppeteers of America. 


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