Bloggers Revolutionize Book Review Industry

    Next to the Internet itself, the second greatest thing that ever happened to writers was the advent of Bloggers. In the past, writers stood little chance of getting their work reviewed unless their book landed on the Bestsellers List. Now, thanks to the Blogosphere, it's possible for writers in every genre to connect with readers all over the world. The U.K.'s Sophie Gonzales of Life Between Pages is one example.
     Ms. Gonzales is a university student who has been blogging for less than two years and already has 384 followers. In fact, the Life Between Pages Blog has been such a hit that Gonzales is currently unable to accept review requests. How does she do it? Gonzales' technique is relatively simple: using social networking, Gonzales is able to spread the word about her blog to a huge range of readers. Freebies like Twitter, Facebook and Google + Goodreads are all tools Gonzales uses to advertise Life Between Pages. Gonzales also makes a point to interact with other bloggers.
     “One of the wonderful things about being a book blogger is that there's a networking site dedicated to us called Book Blogs,” says Gonzales.
     Not only do websites like Life Between Pages help writers, but the people who write those blogs benefit as well. Thanks to her experience as a blogger, Gonzales says she has now expanded the genres of books she reads. As a university student studying literature in the U.K., this open-minded approach has proven to be a great educational tool as well.
     What advice does a veteran like Gonzales offer to those entering the Blogosphere? “Make sure your content is interesting and original,” says Gonzales. “And never underestimate the power of a great layout (avoid clutter)!”
     Those brave enough to tip their toes into the world of blogging will find it a very cost effective way to share an opinion or spread a message. Sites like Blogger and are free so users can experiment without any financial risk. Now that the roadblocks to connecting with people of similar interests have been removed, the only thing left is to dive in and get blogging!
Adele Park


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