The Hollis Chapman Show

In a world where consumers are inundated messages, it's hard for authors to stand out in a crowd. That's where people like Hollis Chapman come in. The Hollis Chapman Show focuses on marketing techniques available to even those on a shoestring budget. Chapman's show airs on Fridays at 10am and features writers, marketing experts, business gurus and life coaches.

Chapman offers a unique spin on marketing initiatives. His mantra for 2013 is, “Have people get to know, like and trust you.” This sounds like a basic concept yet it's one that easily gets pushed aside in the frantic pace of social networking. Chapman understands that the foundation to a successful business is building good relationships with consumers.

Why should people pay attention to Chapman's advice? Because he's used it himself to build a successful career. In addition to his work as an Internet Marketing Specialist for Tempe Lead Generation System, Chapman puts on sports tournaments and has been associated with the Fiesta Bowl for 13 years. As if all this wasn't enough to keep Chapman busy, he also has a blog filled with useful tips on to launch an effective internet marketing campaign

I've had the opportunity to appear as a guest on Chapman's radio show on two occasions. His interview style aims to put his guests at ease, while championing their success. Tune in to hear how Hollis Chapman can help your business


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