M.C. Spice and The Big Morning Thing Radio Show

M.C. Spice – A Brother from Another Mother, hosts Adele Park – A Sister from Another Mister on Boston's Big Morning Thing Radio Show. Spice asks, “Is Gay the new Black?” Adele answers, “Polygamy is the new Gay!” Wacky? You bet. Check out today's broadcast www.blackberrysoulradio.com.

Spice's show is part of BlackBerry Soul Radio. Founded in 2012 by Spice and his wife, Cashawana, BlackBerry Soul has ten radio stations featuring Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz and R&B. It's also home to the Big Morning Thing Show where Spice tackles hot button social issues.

As a writer and artist himself, M.C. Spice was the first rap singer signed by Atlantic Records. Spice is also a producer who was instrumental in helping launch Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg's singing career www.blackberrysoulradio.com/submit.html

Songwriters and artists can find a friendly ear at BlackBerry Soul Radio. The various stations highlight up and coming artists. To find out more, contact M.C. Spice at BlackBerrySoulRadio@gmail.com



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