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Garry Morris holds the dubious distinction of being the only actor to achieve the Triple Crown of Quirky Audio Books as he returns to Straight to Audio Productions to work on his third project. Listeners of the Series first met Garry when he appeared as Jackie Wu in Jitters-A Quirky Little Audio Book

In Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book, Garry took on a vastly different role as the tough talking New Yorker, Chet Waterhouse, For Gadzooks!, A Comically Quirky Audio Book, Garry will serve as narrator, giving voice to Joseph Stratton, a polygamist who addresses the audience from the comfort of his home in heaven.

Over the last several decades, Garry had graced a number of stages. Garry received his acting credentials from the prestigious London Drama Studio. These days, Garry busies himself working as the Co-Artistic Director for the Kayenta Arts Foundation. Thanks in large part to Garry's efforts, Southern Utah will soon have a beautiful new venue for plays, dance performances, lectures and concerts. The 10-thousand square foot facility will open its doors in 2015

Just last month, the American Motion Picture Society elected Garry to serve as its new Board President. AMPS is a group that honors and promotes amateur and non-commercial films as well as the people who create them. One of the first items on Garry's agenda is to reinstate the group's annual film festival to recognize amateur filmmakers from across the globe

Despite Garry's packed schedule, he still finds time to explore some of of beautiful hiking trails in Southern Utah. He also likes reading – mostly plays and non-fiction books. One of Garry's more unusual interests includes a love of stock car racing. Growing up on the Jersey Shore, Garry spent a lot of time visiting the many racetracks in the area.

As an adult, Garry cast his travel net even wider, visiting all the continents on earth. During a visit to Africa, Garry had the opportunity to view the three pyramids in Giza from the back of a horse. Garry saved the continent of Antarctica for last. It was here that Garry discovered that while penguins look cute, there's nothing cute about the way they smell!

In addition to his work as a voice actor at Straight to Audio Productions, Garry also directed the video shoot for Yikes! and will direct the new video for Gadzooks! Stay tuned to hear and see what Garry has coming up next!  


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